The Apartment


To drive occupancy of the Connaught’s Super-suite.


We researched and realigned the customer journey, which had hitherto been based around the spatial and design qualities of the suite, in favour of humanising the experience of staying there.

Our emotional pivot was the ingenious and frequently amusing lengths that staff would go to to meet the needs and expectations of their guests: one butler followed a guest to Paris to deliver her wedding shoes she had left in the suite, another created a zoo of live animals for a child, another secretly gave cooking lessons to a man so that he could impress his wife with a meal he had cooked at the end of their stay. These moments were illustrated in pen and ink in the blue of the suite and published in a custom slipcase with a photographic journal.

This initiative, maximised through international press promotion and exhibitions of the illustrator’s work was highly successful, achieiving uplift in both sales and brand awareness.