To enhance the image and desirability of Silversea Exploration cruises and drive sales in a very competitive market.


Exploration cruise programmes appeal to a demographic who are largely drawn to a high level of on-board expertise and interpretation of their given destination, so to give added weight to the Silversea Exploration cruise programme a strategic alliance was created with The Royal Geographical Society. This was embraced at every touch point from direct marketing collateral to on-board educational material and an interactive online experience to a series of special interest guides from Birding to Landscapes which we used layer the impact of this relationship.

The Explorer’s log book set the tone for the initiative. Designed like a 19th century journal, it invited guests as explorers of the present to put themselves in the shoes of great explorers of the past. The advice they offered was a careful blend of the educated and the ironic, and the construction of the book itself with pull out maps and minature sections printed on a variety of paper stocks – may have tested the production team but added to the suprise and intrigue of the Silversea brand experience.

The Explorer’s Log was one item in a carefully constructed chain of touchpoints in the Silversea Expedition brand experience that gave a weight and credibility over and above its competitors, but it is a unique one. It is referred to by repeat guests as something that reaffirms and reminds them of the time they experienced on board and invites curiosity among new customers to find out more.