Frogman Spearing An Olive


To drive sales revenue over the Christmas period at the Connaught.


Our strategy was anchored in the maverick appeal of the Connaught’s century-old reputation for championing art and artists. To drive press exposure and guest interest we devised a miniature world that referenced the work of a group of artists that include Christopher Boffoli, Slinkachu and Isaac Cordal, who play with scale, magnifying and subverting the everyday to create a world for their meticulously hand-painted miniature figures to inhabit.

Our concept included miniature scenarios at key points in the hotel for guests to discover, miniature Christmas meals for children and a limited edition cracker. Entitled: ‘Frogman Spearing an Olive, this 3D artwork encased in perspex brought Christmas to the Connaught through the agency of its world famous martini (the offer of a martini experience is hidden in a scroll under the sea floor).

Significant press promotion of this initiative resulted in increased sales and by timing this activity to coincide with a major retrospective of Boffoli’s work and a Selfridge’s window display, we were able to further maximise the effect.