Our Christmas Window

Penguins climbing ladders and polar bears commandeering planets.

23 December 2016

Flaming Christmas Puds

Jan Baldwin shooting for The Royal Automobile Club

23 December 2016
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After months on the campaign, Silver Muse launches in Monaco.

29 July 2016

One&Only Resorts

Shoot team find themselves in a precarious position in Mexico.

29 July 2016

Rosewood Times

Re-creating an Edwardian newspaper with cabaret listings and all flavours of restaurants for Rosewood London took us into a world of witty epithets, conundrums and advertisements for home horse exercisers and triple knotted corsets.

5 January 2016
Torrens trophy

Torrens trophy

This year the magazine we produce on behalf of The Royal Automobile Club is focusing on its extraordinary collection of trophies that extend way back to the beginning of motoring. Some are so special that one made of gold was painted black by members and used as a doorstop for many years in case invading Nazis discovered it and were tempted to cut it down.  Holly, one of our editors, has been working with the Club’s archivist, Jane Holmes and come up with some terrific images to illustrate them. We particularly liked those of Arthur Bourne, (a journalist who wrote under the name Torrens, after whom the Torrens trophy was named),  on his motorbikes in the ‘30’s and 40’s that made the front cover of our January issue.

6 January 2016

Shinola winter holidays

More experiential activity based around this Detroit-based luxury watch and leather-goods brand. Here we filmed customers listening to jazz – sax, violin, harp… and sipping melted Belgian chocolate in their Soho store.

15 January 2016

Museum of the Order of St. John

Our friends at the Museum of the Order of St. John asked us to design an advent calendar for them. It is a lovely project. Every window opens to reveal a facet of the fascinating history of the priory and St John’s Gate. Find out more about the museum here.

15 December 2015


Snow, fireworks and Christmas illuminations at Rosewood London.

1 December 2015


New international publishing project for Silversea on the verge of release.

18 October 2015


Shinola, the Detroit luxury watch brand invited us to promote them in the UK.

One of a number of activations that focussed on their lifetime guarantee, involved an artist working 24/7 over their birthday week to create a photo realistic rendering of a giant Runwell watch in the window of their Soho store. ‘Built to last 100 birthdays’.

5 October 2015

The launch of Rivington Bye

An extraordinary evening of foxgloves popping out of cardboard boxes, flying black moths, jewel hunting birds, edible snails and a fascinating floral installation in our window by Helen Main-Ellen in our new Clerkenwell studio.

You can listen here to a soundscape commissioned for the event by brilliant new film composer Dan Mcbride.

7 July 2015
Our new name and identity

Our new name and identity

It’s now time to move from the ubiquitous Craft London – a company name which dated faster than we expected when we first named our company in 2007 and now used to elevate every fad from micro-brewed beer to pulled pork – to a name which puts us firmly in our location. Rivington Bye derives from Rivington, the famous family of printer/publishers once based in St. John’s Square and Deodatus Bye, an 18thc printer of religious tracts who lived a few doors down at 18 Albemarle Street (as it was then known). It seemed fitting. This part of Clerkenwell being outside the city wall, has been home to maverick printers and publishers for the last six hundred years. If anything could be truly named ‘craft’ it was the skill with which our new name was hand-painted above the studio by Peter O’Connor.

15 June 2015
Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week

Our studio backs on to the beautiful cloister garden of St John’s priory and for a week we were able to watch as people walked between the clumps of herbs once used by the Knights Hospitallers, to view the latest garden furniture that crammed the walkways.

29 May 2015
Menu solitaire

Menu solitaire

Rivington Bye are proud winners of a coveted D&D Award for our menu design and experiential work for Michelin starred chef Helene Darroze at The Connaught hotel.

21 May 2015

Cadogan Concierge

Selling in the new Concierge service for Cadogan Estates: little black books in little black boxes with little black logotypes.

2 April 2015
The Snowman


The Snowman

Flickerbook Christmas cards

Prototype Heaven

Prototype Heaven

A lot of time in our studio this month has been spent designing and making prototypes that need to be whizzed into production at quite a lick: mugs, a biscuit tin and several embossed menus, including one for Claridge’s in a beautifully supple white Italian leather.

24 March  2015

The Explorer’s Logbook

Delving into the archives of the Royal Geographical Society as part of a project to assist Silversea reposition their brand, we discovered everything from 18thc ship’s toffee to Shackleton’s balaclava and a wealth of extraordinary images. A great shame that we could only publish a fraction in our new book.

27 February 2015

Pop up

It took a lot of experiment to design and make this pop-up for Rosewood London. It had to be as architecturally detailed as we could make it  – inside as well as out. CAD only gets you so far.

8 January 2015
Easter in November

Easter in November

Shooting Christmas, Easter and Summer all on one bright autumnal day at The Berkeley.

19 November 2014
Duke of York’s Square

Duke of York’s Square

As consultants to Cadogan Estates on a number of publishing and design projects including their wayfinding programme, map hoardings, which we commissioned and produced for the east side of Duke of York’s Square, Chelsea, are revealed.

3 November 2014
Live for today

Curious World

In association with DMG we have been researching, writing and publishing a fascinating series of consumer insight snapshots and trend bulletins to be mailed weekly to senior management, marketing and media buying teams.

16 October 2014

Haybarn spa

Early starts for Art Direction and photographic styling of Bamford’s new Haybarn Spa.

12 March 2014